Best Ways to Make Apartment Life Great for Your Dog

Best Ways to Make Apartment Life Great for Your Dog

When you’re caring for your four-legged canine friend, you want to do what’s best for them as often as possible. Whether it’s buying the highest quality toys and treats or ensuring that your living space is comfortable and accommodating for your dog, you’re likely to choose whatever is best for both you and your dog whenever possible. At Bouchea Apartments, we love your dogs as much as you do and we want to help set you up for success! Keep reading to learn more about making apartment life great for your dog while at Bouchea!

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Set a Schedule

One of the concerns people tend to have concerning dogs in apartments is the sound level. From barking to running to playtime growls and toys being squeaked, shredded, or thrown, dogs aren’t exactly silent creatures, and sound can carry from one unit to the next unexpectedly. To try and avoid noise complaints or issues, set up a schedule so your dog is used to playing and running around during daytime hours instead of keeping you and your neighbors up at night with midnight zoomies.

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Threshold Training

When you have an apartment, ensuring that your dog doesn’t escape can be tricky. Whether it’s maintenance coming by unannounced or it’s a friend coming over, sometimes your front door or even your patio door can be opened without you around, providing the perfect opportunity for your pup to potentially bolt. Training your dog to wait for a command to cross your door’s threshold can help with this concern and keep your pup safe and secure!

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Make Friends Nearby

Dogs are social animals, just like humans! Whether they like other dogs or prefer human attention, making friends with your neighbors at Bouchea can make your life and your dog’s life even better! This can also come in handy if you need help with checking in on your dog while you’re on vacation or away for a long day.

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Use Our Pet Amenities!

Bouchea Apartments is proud to offer top-quality pet amenities for our tenants, too! We offer a beautiful, on-site dog park for pups that love to run around and make new canine friends, as well as a dog washing station to clean the dirt and mud off your dog without tracking it through your apartment.

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