What is Life Like in St. Croix River Valley?

What is Life Like in The St Croix River Valley?

The St. Croix River Valley is a wondrous space in rural Western Wisconsin near the Minnesota border. Hudson has a population near 14,000 people, where most residents own their homes. The Bouchea provides apartments that cater to working individuals and families, providing wonderful amenities and a lovely lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about what life is like in The St. Croix River Valley.

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Suburban Feel

Because of its location near the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota, The St. Croix River Valley provides residents with a dense, suburban feel while still being far enough away from any busy urban environment. This creates a perfect balance between outdoor living spaces and the availability of quality shops and restaurants.

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Commercial & Retail

Nestled along the banks of the beautiful St. Croix River, the area of The St. Croix River Valley has a great variety of bars, shops, and restaurants. Locals have an assortment of boutique shops and small, unique restaurants that are staples for the community. If you are looking for a more extravagant night out, the Twin Cities of Minnesota are not far away.


Family Lifestyle

The population of The St. Croix River Valley is made up of families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds. There are fantastic public schools and retirement facilities that offer opportunities for families of any makeup to call this wonderful place home. The Bouchea apartments provide great residences to start a family or be close to loved ones.

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Culture and Personality

With a primarily conservative population, The St. Croix River Valley offers a tightly knit, family-oriented community to its residents. Trails and bike paths are abundant throughout the town and the majestic St. Croix River is virtually in everyone’s backyard. Bouchea apartments are pet-friendly, and the availability of a great waterway to escape to provides tons of fun for your furry friends.

The Bouchea Luxury apartments provide a welcomed contrast for residents who aren’t looking to purchase a home or property. For locals or new residents, this new, pet-friendly apartment complex offers great amenities such as a fitness center, workspaces, and a community patio. If you’re searching for a luxury apartment in Hudson, visit The Bouchea or contact us today!

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